Unique Books About Gifts and Gift Giving

I just discovered it’s Super Thursday… woohoo!

What is it? I hear you ask. Don’t worry I didn’t know either but I found out.

Super Thursday is the day roughly about 3 months prior to Christmas where many of the big books of the year are released hoping to take a chunk of the lucrative Christmas book sales.

You see books make fantastic gifts. Books are so rich with personality that they present the perfect opportunity for people who like to buy gifts.

What better way to show that you know someone than a book that has been hand picked for their reading pleasure.

Today since we are a highly sophisticated bunch we present to you our squeaky clean book list for people who love to give books. I know… we are sooooo meta!

These books explore the gift giving from various angles. We have anthropology and social evolutionary biology. We have tips and tricks. We have a history of gift giving and special consideration to gift giving for kids.

Language of Gifts: The Essential Guide to Meaningful Gift Giving

You might never have stopped to think about it but gifting is a form of communication. Humans are not the only animals that give gifts other animals such as chimpanzees do it too.

It’s probably fair to say that gift giving is a form of communication that is much older than spoken languages.

There is a language of gift giving – gifts speak. We all speak the language of gifts as it’s something we learn through out culture but you can learn to speak it better and like learning any new language learning the language of gifts can be a really satisfying pursuit.

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The Art of Gift Giving

Who better to talk about gift giving than some people whose daily business involves gifts and gift giving.

Each day Unique Gift Hampers send out numerous gifts all carefully prepared to meet the needs of both the giver and the recipient.

They describe themselves as “A team of talented gift preparing elves for those of you who aren’t Santa.”

As they explain, the giver wishes to say something with his gift and this book is about the skill that it takes to say the right thing and not put your foot in it.

To delightfully illustrate this  The Art of Gift Giving simply asks us to consider if we ever received a gift that didn’t quite hit the mark? An experience I’m sure everyone has been through.

Gift givers want to hit the mark, and the Unique Gift Hampers Elves and The Art Of Gift Giving teaches you how to hit the mark more often than not.

While not a very long book the “Elves” have condensed their years of experience in helping buyers express the right message and the result is a surprisingly delightful ebook that you can find on their website.

A lot of care went into the creation of this book and the authors present their gift to their customers.

Publishers Ebook

The Gift: The Form and Reason for Exchange in Archaic Societies

It’s not just authors and shops that talk about the importance of gift giving. It’s an academic subject too.

A friend of mine studied Anthropology at university and be all accounts The Gift by Marcel Mauss is a classic from 1954 that examines primitive societies and concludes that gift giving is an absolutely fundamental aspect of our society.

Perhaps an little but heavy reading but if you want to go deeper in the gifting then this might be the book for you.

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Make It Memorable

Robyn Freedman has written many books about gift giving and this book speaks specifically about the skill of making something memorable.

The book is filled with many romantic ideas such as gluing “I will always love you” spelled out in letters onto your scrabble board.

If you are looking for tips to make a gift giving impact that won’t be forgotten then I’m sure you will find something in there. Memorable gifts are rarely about spending lots of money but more in the significance of the actions.

An informative guide although perhaps guilty of being a little too simplistic at times.

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Fabulous Gifts: Hollywood’s Gift Guru Reveals the Secret to Giving the Perfect Present

Another guide about how to select the right gift and bring joy to the recipient. Lash Fary built up his experience as a gift giver by operating a business that provided for gifts at massive events such as The Grammys and the MTV Awards.

Attendees at these evens usually receive a gift from the organizers and it was Lash Fary that was the brains behind the gift baskets that went out.

An entertaining read and a peek behind the scenes that may be intriguing to those that like a bit of celebrity gossip.

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 That’s it. Hopefully you’ll enjoy at least one of our selected gift giving books and they will help you to enjoy giving gifts as well as receiving them.

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