Our Mission Statement

When we learn a new skill or take up a new hobby often we start by getting ourselves a good book on the subject. A good guide book can really help to master a new topic saving hours of time.

We create lists of non-fiction books the help you learn new hobbies or skills. Our lists often come from suggestions from experts in the field and we take great care to make sure our lists are Squeaky Clean and not populated by any low quality books that might hinder your progress more than help it.

We have organised our site into categories to help you find the subject area you are looking for. Or use the search facility to see if we have a list of authoratitive books in your chosen area.

For each of our lists we try to have a section of books to suit different learning styles. Also, we are not super strict about everything being a book. For example our Squeaky Clean list of books about Yoga in fact lists YouTube as a great resource for Yoga videos. Our main priority is to point you in the right direction of good information and to help you steer clear of anything poorly written.