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Top 5 Books On Yoga

Yoga is a perfect form of exercise for all age groups. It improves strength and flexability and can help bring peace of mind and relaxation.

You can do yoga at indoors or outdoors, at home or at the gym or if you are travelling you can do it in your hotel room too.

If you are interested in getting into Yoga we have prepared a Squeaky Clean recommended reading list of yoga books to help you get started.

Yoga Books

Ashtanga Yoga: The Practice Manual

The Practice manual is a great help for those who want to study Yoga at home. It does help to be a little but familiar with some of the Ashtanga poses but the book provides a detailed description of every pose including options for beginners as well as breath instruction.

The Wisdom of Yoga: A Seeker’s Guide to Extraordinary Living

The Wisdom of Yoga is an exceptional book that goes into a deeper understand of the true nature of Yoga. Yoga is more than give simple postures and exercises there is a rich history of Eastern philosophy that underlies the dicipline. Stephen Cope writes clearly and explains everything to the reader making the deeper power of Yoga more accessible. If you have practiced Yoga before this book will help you go deeper.

The Yoga Bible

The Yoga Bible is all about postures and helps you get a handle on them with simple setp by step color photographs. Yoga instructors love it because it helps them comminicate to their students how to position their bodies correctly.

Hatha Yoga Illustrated

Hatha Yoga focuses on physical and mental strength building exercises. It’s another photographic illustrated guide and comes highly recommended. While the photos may make you think this is a beginners book it does go quite deep.

How Yoga Works

Lastly I had to include How Yoga works. This is actually a book that uses fiction to tell the story of Yoga and the true meaning of Yoga and spirituality. Despite it’s functional title is really a book for students of Yoga that want to go deeper. Or read it simply for pleasure and you may catch the Yoga bug!

How Yoga works teaches you how to like a life fully of happiness and compassion.




I had to include Youtube here as it’s probably one of the best sources for Yoga instruction there is. There are 1000′s of Yoga videos there to help you master this discipline.

Lastly if you still think Yoga is simple stretching and not real fitness training take a look this video from Kino MacGregor. Amazing upperbody strength and control!!



There we have it, 5 of the top books on Yoga and videos thrown in as a bonus. The books all come highly recommended and we have taken care to make sure our list is clean from any duffers. The photographic books are obviously good practical guides to get started with home study perhaps combined with YouTube if you get stuck.There are some well regarded options if you want to go a bit deeper and remember Yoga is like any other form of fitness. You will get back out what you put into it. Have fun!

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